Best Practice Cutting Guidelines

Job site safety is one of your primary concerns and responsibilities, including worksite dust control. To assist you, James Hardie ranks options for cutting our fiber cement products in a convenient "Good, Better, Best" chart.

Rating Tools Cutting Method
Best Handheld Shears Shears
Best Dust-reducing saws with Hardieblade saw blade coupled with HEPA vacuum extraction Circular Saw with vacuum adapter, HardieBlade® Saw Blade, Vacuum
Better Roan Dust Collecting Circular Saw Roan® Dust Collecting Circular Saw, HardieBlade® Saw Blade
Good Dust-reducing saws with Hardieblade saw blade Circular Saw, HardieBlade® Saw Blade

This chart is provided for informational purposes only to help you in selecting the appropriate cutting options for your particular circumstances. If you are unsure which cutting tools are best for your job site, consult a qualified industrial hygienist or safety professional, or contact your James Hardie representative for assistance.

Note: James Hardie makes no representation or warranty that use of a particular cutting option will assure your compliance with OSHA rules or applicable laws and safety requirements.


  1. Position cutting station so that airflow blows dust away from the user and others in the cutting area.
  2. Cut using one of the following methods:

    Best: Circular saw equipped with a HardieBlade® saw blade and attached vacuum dust collection system. Shears (manual, pneumatic or electric) or the score and snap method may also be used.

    Better: Circular saw equipped with a dust collection feature (e.g. Roan® saw) and a HardieBlade® saw blade.

    Good: Circular saw equipped with a HardieBlade® saw blade.


  1. NEVER grind or cut with a power saw indoors.
  2. Cut only using shears (manual, pneumatic or electric) or the score and snap method.


  • NEVER dry sweep dust; use wet dust suppression or vacuum to collect dust.
  • For maximum dust reduction, James Hardie recommends using the “Best” cutting practices.
  • For best performance when cutting with a circular saw, James Hardie recommends using HardieBlade® saw blades.

Silica Warning:

DANGER: May cause cancer if dust from product is inhaled. Causes damage to lungs and respiratory system through prolonged or repeated inhalation of dust from product.

PREVENTION: Refer to the product Safety Data Sheet before use. Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood. Do not breathe dust from the product. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. RESPONSE: Wash hands and face thoroughly after handling. If exposed or concerned: Get medical advice. If shortness of breath or other health concerns develop after exposure to dust from the product, seek medical attention. STORAGE: Fiber cement is not a health hazard when handled or stored in its original, unaltered condition. DISPOSAL: Dispose of product in accordance with local, state and national regulations. If there are no applicable, regulations, dispose of in a secure landfill, or in a way that will not expose others to dust.

The hazard associated with fiber cement arises from crystalline silica present in the dust generated by activities such as cutting, rebating, drilling, routing, sawing, crushing, or otherwise abrading fiber cement, and when cleaning up, disposing of or moving the dust. When doing any of these activities in a manner that generates dust: (1) comply with the OSHA PEL for silica dust and/or other applicable law, (2) follow James Hardie instructions and best practices to reduce or limit the release of dust; (3) warn others in the area to avoid the dust; (4) when using mechanical saw or high speed cutting tools, work outdoors and use dust collection equipment; and (5) if no other dust controls are available, wear a dust mask or respirator that meets NIOSH requirements (e.g. N-95 dust mask). During clean-up, use a well maintained vacuum and filter appropriate for capturing fine (respirable) dust or use wet clean-up methods - never dry sweep."

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

James Hardie Building Products, Inc.
231 S. LaSalle St., Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60604 USA

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